Here's the collection of stuff (mostly) related to my Packard Bell 60 MHz Pentium computer. I had several problems getting various pieces of hardware to work together properly in this computer, so these pages are primarily an explanation of what I did to get things to work. Feel free to ask me any questions (see my email address below). There are also a few other assorted things I've written here.

These pages are the potentially-useful portion of what used to be my homepage at www.ucalgary.ca/~thrcrawf, while I was still a student at the University of Calgary. (My computing account there expired in the Fall of 2001.) These files were also hosted 'temporarily' at geocities.com/packardbell60/ during 2002 and 2003, and the 'guided tour' section remained there until GeoCities was shut down in 2009. Most of these files have not been updated since January of 2000 (except to fix the links between my pages after switching web hosts), and thus some of the links from my pages to other people's pages no longer work.

A Guided Tour of My Computer (Original location was on geocities.com, later archived to archive.org and geocities.ws)
If you thought it would be neat to walk around inside a computer, here's your chance. It's the most graphical part of my web pages.
My Experiences With Belkin's Parallel to SCSI Adapter, SyQuest's EZFlyer, and Adaptec's AHA2940UW
Kind of technical, and probably not too useful, unless you're thinking of getting one of those products.
My Experiences With a Large IDE Hard Drive, the CMD640, and the GSI Model 2C
Similar to my SCSI page, except dealing with different hardware. It's also kind of technical and not useful for most people.
An Old Man Reminisces
Quite nostalgic and perhaps a bit rediculous, I think it raises a few interesting points. Maybe GNST 341 (Fall '96) is partially to blame for this file.
My Dodgeball Page
I've never played all that many games or sports, but this was probably my favorite game in school.
My John Wyndham Page
I read one of his novels in high school, and I've read several others since. Here are some of my thoughts.
A Feverish Night's Dream
I wrote this story a few years ago. The wierd thing is, is that it's true.
At the Top of the Stairs
A very short story I wrote.
Various shareware, freeware, and PD software
I took a Pascal course in high school, and it comes in quite useful. I'm now writing a few things in C, too.

E-mail me with this link! (contact@ultravista.ca).

(This page last updated November 2017 to locally host the "Guided tour". Previously last updated January, 2004)

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